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Devcon is a growing team of 350+ employees. Teamwork is one our key company values and is reflected throughout our company culture. Our employees come from all kinds of professional backgrounds and each team member contributes a different, uniquely-skilled value and/or perspective to the team.

We emphasize a horizontal organization within our company structure so that employees can make important decisions and set new goals regardless of their level. Devcon is all about fairness and teamwork. That means understanding everyone’s strengths, weaknesses and needs, and knowing how to be fair but tough. At Devcon both office and field staff are equally valued because we know that our product quality depends on everyone working together. Our corporate structure tends toward fluidity, with project managers, project engineers and other team members flowing to the project for which they are best suited. That fluid structure means we don’t have as many levels or titles as some people might be used to. 

Our hiring philosophy is that we have an open application and no listed available positions. We take this approach because we want to emphasize the alignment of both professional and community goals with our employees. If we feel you will be a good addition to our team culture, we will create a position for you. If you are specialized in a certain area that isn't necessarily part of our professional curriculum, please apply as we love to see how we can add new value to the team.

For all employment inquiries and applications, please email with your resume and portfolio if relevant.

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Our construction management teams are always looking for new team members to fill the roles of Field Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Assistant, Project Manager, and Superintendent.


Our in-house design department has job opportunities for both amateur and experienced designers. We will consider applicants to fill the positions of Project Designer, Interior Designer, Draftsman, BIM Engineer, and Architect.

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Our Devcon corporate team has open supporting positions in our Accounting department, our Cost Engineering department, and our IT department. Applicants from all skill-levels are encouraged to apply.

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