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The word at the center of everything Devcon Construction does and stands for is “partner.” Each partner brings valuable talents to the team, and takes on important responsibilities for the team, which means integrity, honesty, trust and flexibility are required to achieve success. Our partnership-based work culture naturally lends itself to a fluid structure.

“The principles Gary Filizetti has instilled in us – integrity, honesty, trust, and teamwork – make our mission statement ring true,” according to Vice President of Construction Jonathan Harvey. “At Devcon the office and the field staff are valued equally because we all know that our product quality depends on everyone working together.”

Our internal workspace community highly values employee growth, communication, and satisfaction. We strive to encourage the Devcon team to have balanced, fulfilling lives through facilitating memorable company events and fun company tradition throughout the year.


With heart and pride, Devcon’s employees participate in a wide range of philanthropic activities. Our firm began as a team effort and that approach developed into a company with a culture of working together to support not only our project interests but those of our employees and our communities.

Built on our foundation that began here in Silicon Valley, we invest both time and money into the communities where we work. We retain our culture and a management team that has invested in local organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Second Harvest Food Bank, U.S. Marine Corp. Toys for Tots, and Hope Rehabilitation. Whether internally running our own blood drives or partnering externally with clients and trade partners alike, we are committed to the ongoing support and improvement of the surrounding populations and environments.

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We believe that creating a healthy balanced work environment starts by having optimal health and wellness in our individual lives. We aim to integrate this attitude into our workspaces by providing our employees opportunities to physically exercise and participate in their own health. This influences the way we design and build. This influences what we design and build. We participate in the health and well-being of our community in the following avenues:


  • Green Design

  • On-Site Gym

  • Company Recreational Sports Teams

  • Company Recreational Events

  • Crossfit / Yoga Classes

  • Healthcare

  • Dental

  • Company Trainings

  • Company Recreation

  • Partnerships with those in Health and Wellness


Diversity doesn’t happen quickly. It’s not a concept or a program. It’s something we have encouraged, promoted and taken pride in for decades. Our approach has been and will continue to be, the combination of recruitment and retention of curious, interested students and professionals throughout the United States.


Internal programs are developed through the years as awareness and information changes. Our firm is committed to preserving our compelling team culture and the safety of each team member.


We remain proud of the diversity in race and identification that we recruit and employ.



Devcon takes care to value the partnerships we have with a number of local businesses and clients. Over the years, we have worked with countless small and/or family-run businesses throughout the Silicon Valley. We aspire to constantly improve our services and aim to partner with those who will encourage and foster that growth as well. These partnerships are essential in moving our construction processes and products toward both physical and economical sustainability.

In addition to our outward partnerships, we aim to make internal partnerships with each of Devcon's employees. Devcon offers profit sharing benefits to all of our employees to ensure that employees are cared for financially while also giving each team member a sense of ownership in the company.

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