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...we build what we design


Our strong, internal design team offers limitless resources and experience for developers, owners and architectural firms. Having an in-house design team allows us to deliver a synchronized communication style with consultants and clients alike throughout all phases of design and construction in an otherwise fragmented process. Revit and advanced rendering software provide a collaborative platform for communicating knowledgeably and efficiently with our architectural, consultant and trade partners through 3-dimensional visualization and graphic communication.


Designers at Devcon have the opportunity to engage every stage of the project from conceptual design to construction completion. This is a unique experience in the design community as many traditional design firms engage a specific stage of project design and allow for specialization only in that singular stage. By partnering internally, we also become a resource for our own construction teams and our construction teams become a resource for our design teams, each providing insight into questions concerning construction detail and specifications. We take the concept of team very seriously at Devcon, by encouraging strong performance by both our design and construction departments, whether they are supporting a complete design build model or an integrated project delivery method.










The idea behind the Design-Build model of construction may seem obvious, yet the benefits of working with a true Design-Build firm like Devcon go well beyond the basic concept of the architect and the builder operating under the same contract. By integrating in-house design and construction management since its inception, Devcon has developed a professional environment of collaboration and continual conversation between highly trained and experienced professionals. This communication style allows Devcon to produce quality projects in a shortened timeline compared to a traditional Design-Bid-Build project delivery method.

This collaborative instinct carries over to Devcon’s long and established partnerships with hundreds of independent architects and engineers. Taking pride in the level of design provided by our own internal architecture and design teams, we are a qualified and dedicated resource for owners, developers, architects and engineers. As a result, we are often called upon to take a Design Assist role to support an independent architect or engineer with construction plans and documents.

Design Project Acquisition

One unique opportunity that our Design-Build business model affords our design team is the chance to see all of our design projects get built. Our business model secures both design and contracting responsibilities prior to design work to ensure that our designers time and effort is respected and not wasted. Many members of our design team who have come from more traditional design firms have fallen in love with the design process here at Devcon because they get to see all of their design work physically completed. In a traditional design setting, designers often participate in schematic design that never gains footing. Our approach assures our design team members of a more fulfilling career and offers more financial and professional stability.

Integrated Project Delivery

For decades, innovation in the methods of how construction projects are managed–new contracts, new legal entities, the Bridging Method, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), Contractor at Risk, etc.–have all moved toward more and better teamwork. Devcon knows and believes in the power of teamwork. When requested, we have adapted our design-build model as an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model, which unites all key team members–owner, builder, architect, engineer–contractually.

Integrated Design-Build

The strength of the Devcon in-house design team allows us to offer a variation on IPD that we call Integrated Design-Build (IDB). In this model, the general contractor and the architect are part of the same company and therefore share the same customer-oriented philosophy, methodologies, communication techniques and professional history. This approach reinforces the project team to have a unified vision which causes more focused decision making and minimizes miscommunication.


Design-Build Subcontracting

Devcon’s close partnerships with hundreds of subcontractors allows us to include them in the design-build process because we can discern which subcontractors have the capabilities, staff and values that will fit the project best. We bring them to the table as early in the design phase as possible to benefit from their specialized knowledge and experience. Design-build subcontracting has proven itself time and again as a model that adds value and promotes cost avoidance. Many of our subcontractors reflect a similar design-build approach and boast in-house drawing specification services, custom manufacturing, and installation. This minimizes the number of players in the construction process which in-turn minimizes our schedule coordination.



Effective communication has always been a core tenet at Devcon.  Recently, we have taken this tenet a step further with the acquisition of a 3-D printer that enables us to help our clients and their stakeholders visualize projects like never before. By leveraging 3-dimensional digital models that are now routinely used in the production of drawings and renderings, we can now produce presentation-grade models in a cost effective manner with our in-house 3-dimensional printer with more expediency and accuracy than ever before. The reductions in model turnaround times that 3-D printing affords also allow us to utilize models throughout the design process as study tools – from overall massing models during schematic design, to detailed mock-ups during design development – so that we may articulate the design intents of a project and make our collaboration efforts with clients and fellow design consultants more effective and efficient.


SCU Athletic Center

The athletic center includes two university gyms, a weight room, nutrition stations, thermal and cold therapy pools, and a hydrotherapy pool for rehabilitation and fitness.

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Cadence Apartments

This design-build project consists of three separate parcels featuring three Type I and Type III, midrise residential apartment buildings totaling 260 units. 

cadence apt.png

Franklin Templeton - 930 & 950

This project consisted of two 4-story office buildings over one level of below grade parking and related site improvements.  

950 Dusk 2.jpg

San Antonio Village North

Design/build mixed-use project organized into six buildings including retail spaces, restaurant spaces, and a theater.

391 Dusk.jpg

1212 Bordeaux

This corporate office building incorporated a diverse landscape with a public plaza, an exposed private garden, bioswales, and native plantings. 


San Jose Sharks

Locker Room

The locker and training facilities house the American Hockey League, coach’s offices, fitness center, lockers, showers, skate shop and stick shop. 

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