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Peninsula Innovation Point

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Burlingame, CA

Design/build project consisting of a new 241,679 SF steel frame, 8-story high-rise office building and separate 5 ½-level, 317,042 SF standalone parking structure. The office has a rooftop mechanical penthouse, roof screen and terraces on floors 3, 5 and 7. The parking structure features partial exterior cladding, complimentary to the office building. The site design includes new landscaping at the new office and parking structure, along with substantial new landscaping at the existing adjacent office buildings. The site design also features parking area adjustments, new parking area landscaping and other hardscape and exterior amenity spaces, along with a relocated standalone fire pump room (with an underground tank) and covered trash enclosure.

Services Provided:

Architect of Record:



Design, Construction

Devcon Construction, Inc.

Lane Partners and Barings


In Progress



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